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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 24, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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nick smith has that story. >> reporter: good evening. that mudslide that disrupted traffic is just up the street behind me on pine hurt road over the contra costa border there. i have rain sha slammed the eat bay was part of the december moisture that is already overwhelmed water logged soil. >> this it was no match for the rocks and vandalizing station that now call the hillside home. massive stones some weighing hundreds of pounds were pulled from the foundation and hanged precariously across the road in contra costa county. they closed sections of it to cars until road crews could remove the debris. in the oakland hills, a tree came crashing down without any warning. >> i see this tree coming down and my heart just sank.
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>> at nearly 80 feet in height and weighing close to a ton, the tree slammed across the canyon road with another pressure and density to crush anything beneath it. the force from the branches caved part of his car's roof and rid ripped off his side view mirror. the damage an eerie reminder of what could have been. >> pretty lucky. >> heavy rains, saturated hillside, weak root system. >> reporter: firefighters from station 24 quickly cleared the tree using multiple saws to attack it from different angles. if in a show of true holiday spirit, motorists that were not allowed to pass offered a help helping hand. proving that nothing is too big to move when you work together. >> that was a true sign of holiday spirit. now, the break in the rain is
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only temporary. according to weather team, we could see more rain in the days to come. further weakening already weak root systems. >> dan: that is what we can expect. thanks so much. in east palo alto, folks are mopping up from a flood tonight. while engineers try to prevent another one. the creek jumped its bank and levee last night. heather ishimaru is live with a look at the emergency work being done there right now. >> reporter: dan, we are on east bayshore above the creek. at this time last night was on its way up these banks getting ready to rise above the banks and cross over to 101. we have just learned that the california conservation corps is coming to help the city of east palo alto with sandbagging and repairs to this levee that sort of compromised last night and
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was leaking, what they call a boil was created. they are hoping to take advantage of the dry weather in advance of the storms expected tomorrow. >> they spent the morning power washing his muddy backyard. it's feet from the creek which last night rose at least 15 feet to spill over its banks and into his backyard. >> every year, every year. because like i say, it could happen. >> primary challenge has been funding. >> reporter: a variety of cities and counties and the water district joined a agency after the devastating flood. but construction won't be completed until next year. authority abandoned army corps of engineers. >> their measure "b" dedicated
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about $38 million to address the flooding issues on the creek. >> reporter: last night's rain coincided with high tide. seven homes were under mandatory evacuation. many people left without being told. >> i was told that people had to move out but we were already gone. >> he sits behind the le slee that was inadequate last night. he was here in 1998 and he says that was worse but this time was bad enough to destroy had his den again. >> we have our health. [ laughter ] >> we'll be okay. >> we'll be fine. >> reporter: the california conservation corps late this afternoon agreed to step up and come and help the city of east palo alto. they should arrive within half an hour to put plastic in the levees working into the darkness in prevention of another flood
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possibly with the storm coming tomorrow. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news". >> dan: thanks so much. an update to a story we first brought you at 4:00. a snowboarder has been killed at donner ski ranch from an avalanche. they called a sheriff's office saying a friend had not returned from a run. weekend storms dumped so much storm it caused an avalanche at donner this morning. >> carolyn: marin crews are still working to repair a broken water main in mill valley. a sheet of mud covering marin avenue. fire crews used sandbags to stop water from entering homes. >> it has history in this area about the flooding quite a few houses. we would like to do is plan for the worst and hope for the best. we actually, it turned pretty well. we saved a couple houses from
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flooding. >> carolyn: those repairs should be finished sometime this evening. >> dan: an amazing demonstration of skill and courage saved a life. 58-year-old man was trand stranded when the creek rose to the top of his pickup. that was near the park. rescuers could not make headway into the fast moving waters. chp called air support and one helicopter skid on top of the truck to stabilize it. the man was pulled into the chopper and taken to the hospital. >> carolyn: storms contributed to the closure of a but busy stretch of highway 101. rock slides forced a part of the highway south of big sur to shut down. caltrans is diverting traffic from pleasant ridge road. those slides happened yesterday around 5:30 in the afternoon blocking highway 1. no word on when that stretch of
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road will reopen. all the rain in the bay area means lots of snow up in the mountains. tahoe ski resorts are in great shape for the holidays. in heavenly, more than three feet of fresh powder and that is nine feet of snow alone for the months of december. they captured this video showing the excellent conditions and ski lifts and every run now open there. >> dan: we talked with heavenly spokesperson at 4:00 who says it is packed and have been is having a great time. we want to take a look what is happening on live doppler hd right now. >> in fact right now, it's dry as you can see with rain off the north coast. this is the batch of rain moving in our direction that could bring us some fairly substantial rainfall once it gets settled in tomorrow. look at the rainfall storm totals since last thursday, over 11 inches in sonoma county.
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over 5 at santa rosa. we got quite a soaking over that period of time. we could be in a soaking for tomorrow. as the next storm as we loop the satellite radar as it approaches the area, it sweeps southward and a i'll give you closer look and where the wet spots will be in just a few minutes. >> carolyn: upstate new york, a man who shot two firefighters to death and wound was a convicted felon who served 17 years for killing his own grandmother. police in webster, new york say 62-year-old william spangler opened fire on first responders. four volunteer firefighters were then shot. two of them were killed including one who full time police lieutenant. investigators say he then killed himself. the fire spread to six other homes which were also destroyed. >> dan: fire departments are stunned and shocked that first responders were targeted.
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we spoke with san francisco firefighters about it today. sergio quintana is in the newsroom. no doubt they are stunned. >> reporter: absolutely. when two firefighters are killed on christmas eve, that is tragedy but new york investigators and first responders across the country are especially shocked because police believe the shooter may have settle a house on fire to lure emergency teams into a trap. firefighters responded to the early morning blaze and were almost immediately shot at. >> there was a car and house that was engulfed in flames probably set by him that lay in wait and then shot first responders. >> two prior to men were killed and two others were pinned down by gunfire. they had to withdraw from their fire fighting effort and blaze spread to six other homes. here in san francisco, firefighters were part of the toy drive. these are fill fellow first
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responders were targeted. >> it's a sad day that firefighters are killed in the line of duty. it's shocking and it's tragic. >> fire crews across the bay area often have to coordinate with local police departments to make sure it is safe to do their work. >> you had protocols when there is a hostage situation or a shooting or you wait until the scene is secure. >> reporter: fire crews spent christmas -- sent condolences to people in there. >> we're doing a toy drive for children in need in san francisco but we will be sending toys back in new york. >> reporter: fire captain we talked to there is no way to change how they approach a burning house. they can't afford to look over their shoulder for a shooter at
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every call. still ahead, last minute shoppers turn out in force, unprecedented steps retailers are taking to en ties people into spending. >> dan: how bright is too bright? the display has touched off in one neighborhood. >> carolyn: plus michael finney steps to in to help a woman when she can't get her big screen tv fixed even though it is under warranty. we'll c
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>> carolyn: bay area retailers kept their doors open to encourage shoppers that time is running on on out. target is open until 9:00 tonight. but some of the big malls are closing their doors at 6:00. long lines at check out stands and no shortage of cars pulling into valley fair mall in san jose. many of these late shoppers as
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is the tradition, men. >> found out yesterday, it's christmas tomorrow. i got a little shopping tomorrow. >> christmas eve? >> yes, are you giving me a hard time waiting the last minute. >> why did you wait so long? >> i got most of it done. >> carolyn: however you slice it these shoppers are the frosting on the cake for retailers. it will be 2-3% sales above last year. >> dan: stocks ended lower. dow jones lost 52 points and nasdaq dropped 8 points. senator joe lieberman it is more likely we will go over the fiscal cliff following the failure of joan boehner to get higher taxes on wealthy americans. if the president and congress can't agree, government spending cuts and tax hikes will kick in automatically.
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market watchers feel it could push the competent back into recession. >> carolyn: instapgram has triggered a class action lawsuit. the claim was filed against facebook that owns the service. infagram that changed its terms of service. idea was abandoned after an outcry from users. lawsuit alleged they breached the contract with users in tweak that go policy. facebook has not responded to the suit. >> dan: a new requirement that forces california lawmakers to drive their own cars for legislative business is paying off. they report the state has saved $240,000, n taxpayer money since the new rule went into effect one year ago. california lawmakers were given a car paid by the state. this year that practice ended. they must drive their own cars, the savings was achieved because many legislators cut their
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driving habits in half. >> carolyn: big television screens are, of course, the rage these days. if you have ever tried to move one. this is truly a job that needs a lot of muscle and a lot of care. >> dan: one bay area woman says her tv stopped working after it was moved even though there were no damage. >> shirley bought this tv last january especially for her mom. 55 inch screen made tv easier to watch. >> she was having visual problems. i bought it for her. >> reporter: when her mom died, they moved five blocks to this new home. when she turned on the tv. it didn't work. >> just lines ran through it. no picture, no sound. >> reporter: she says there was no sign of damage and tv was still under you want.
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she contacted samsung. >> when i called the number, don't worry, we'll fix it for you. >> reporter: they sent out a repairman that took pictures. they show blue lines going across rainbow lines but no picture. technician said, somebody must have budged into it. >> i told him i hadn't damaged the tv. i just was setting it up and turned it on. >> samsung said the technician would found damage they would not cover the repair after all they cost about $1500. shirley insisted the tv screen wasn't broken. >> he kept saying there is a crack in the screen, but there was no crack. >> reporter: she contacted "7 on your side" and we called samsung and they pointed to the pictures. the crack is very hard to see. it's under the surface but it is there. a tiny circle in the center of these vertical lines. however, samsung looked into the
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case and found that customer service agent initially had promised to repair the set. >> they called and said we are going to fix your tv. >> reporter: they tell us we were very sorry of her concerns. we take all consumer issues very seriously and we do our best to resolve them to the customer's savgs. they repaired the set and it delivers the same eye popping pictures shirley had before. thank you again. i really appreciate it. >> carolyn: business lesson here be careful moving those large television sets. it's made up many layers and wrong impact can cause a lot of damage. >> dan: an incredibly bright christmas light display is ruffling feathers in one orange county neighborhood. 56,000 lights were strung at this house.
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some of the neighbors are complaining. they say the lights are just too bright and keep them from sleeping. now some are turning to the fountain city council for help seeking an ordnance to limit the number of lights. her husband was known for love of christmas. >> carolyn: that is incredible. >> we have rain coming our way. how about that? >> i wonder if michael finney can fix that. [ laughter ] >> here is a live view from high definition east bay camera in emeryville looking at western sky that is getting cloudier and cloudier by the month movement moment. rain will arrive in the north bay tomorrow. so it's going to be a wet christmas. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. rain has not begun to fall here yet. clouds are thickening but rain is well off to the north coastguard at the moment but it is moving in our direction and will be here by tomorrow.
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right now, temperature readings generally in the low 50s but it's dropped below 50 in fairfield and antioch where readings are in the upper 40s. forecast features, cloudier and rainy and showers are likely to link neither wednesday and taper off wednesday evening. low temperatures will be quite chilly in the north bay valleys and east bay valleys. 37 at fairfield. 37 at livermore. 39 at concord and low 40s in most locations near the bay. satellite composite image, big mass of moisture headed in our direction and that more rainfall for christmas day. cloudy and mainly dry at 7:00 in the morning. by 11:00 tomorrow morning, we'll see rain beginning to push down into northern sonoma county as far as south as santa rosa. late in dated we'll see the rain intensifying and getting better organized across the north bay. although some of it may have
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worked south by 2:00 in the afternoon. a spot east of san jose but later in the afternoon and into the early evening hours, widespread moderate heavy rainfall across most of the bay area. that will continue in the overnight hours. showers on wednesday morning and more widely scattered showers in the afternoon and by the evening it should be over. rainfall totals will exceed an inch in the east bay and up to an inch and a half. two inches in the north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains. as much as an inch in south bay. >> in sierra, wednesday evening we could see four to eight inches of snow above 4,000 feet. 8-16 inches above 5,000 feet. travel delays are likely. back in the bay area, christmas day, wet early in the north bay. wet later in the remainder of the bay area. highs in the north bay will reach only to the 40s for many
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locations. up to 52 at richmond and san rafael and low to mid 50s in other parts of the bay area. farther south, monterey bay, rain will be late to arrive if at all. high temperatures will be mid to upper 50s. seven-day forecast, rainy, christmas day, showers are likely on wednesday. just a slight chance on thursday. partly cloudy and dry on friday. slight chance of a shower on saturday. partly cloudy on sunday. mainly sunny and dry and relatively mild. for monday which is new year's eve. up next, it is the ultimate christmas present. we'll take you to the peninsula market that sold the winning lottery ticket that is worth $23 million. >> dan: new at 6:00, a look at the virtual gift giving. no need to look any further than facebook if you have run out of ideas and time. we'll be right back here.
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>> carolyn: antioch police have arrested a man that was seriously injured by making pipe bombs. he showed up to the hospital that had severe burns on his face. he admitted while it happened while high was putting together explosives and one of the pipe bombs went off. they called police. a bomb squad from walnut creek was called in. he has since been released from the hospital and booked in the county jail in martinez. >> dan: very merry christmas for one peninsula shopper. how about a lottery jackpot. winning ticket from saturday's super lotto plus drawing was bought at this place, the sunshine center pharmacy in
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south san francisco. ticket is worth $23 million. store gets one-half of 1 percent of that, $115,000. if you bought a ticket there, double check your pockets. >> basically said they were happy for us. pharmacy was handing out food not to celebrate their luck. they do it every christmas to celebrate their customers. the winning numbers 39, 12, 20, 32, 7 and mega number is 20. that is nice. >> wow! >> still ahead, a christmas tradition in san francisco. >> dan: we're going to take you to glide memorial church for annual prime rib luncheon.
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>> carolyn: coming up at 6:00, people are wrapping last minute holiday shopping. we'll have a live report still rushing to beat the clock. >> michael finney has tips on
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holiday tipping. he breaks down the numbers. >> carolyn: also a christmas tree that is causing an international controversy and a nation that is calling this psychological warfare. >> dan: finally, glide memorial hands out thousands of meals around the holidays but today's was extra special. >> carolyn: that is because christmas eve brunch included prime rib. house of prime rib donated the food as he has done for more than two decades. he had 2200 pounds. >> we have people down on their luck. i think as a society, if we want to be a successful society we have to help people. >> dan: the luncheon was done, work prepared for tomorrow's dinner for 5,000 more. >> carolyn: world news is up next. >> dan: i'm dan ashley, for all of us here, thanks so much.
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we'll be back at 6:00. >> carolyn: connect 24/7 at see you in half an hour. this is "world news." tonight, ambush. an arsonist sets a fire on christmas eve, luring in firefighters and then starts shooting. >> people get up in the middle of the night to go put out fires, they don't expect to be shot and killed. >> two dead, two wounded and a gunman with a disturbing past. stormy christmas. bracing for a barrage of blizzards and tornadoes. and the major new threat for the millions trying to get home after the holiday. an american original. the curtain goes down on the man beloved by tv viewers as the messy roommate and the dogged medical examiner. jack klugman has died. and, dear santa. the great american tradition


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